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ValYoU Hospitality has been set up by set of Professional Hoteliers with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

ValYoU Hospitality believes the time has come for the revolution in the Hospitality Business. Traditionally, investment in Hotels in India, has always been in the 5 Star Deluxe, 5 Star and 4 Star segment. Few Hotels in the 3 Star segment have been developed but are on the fringes of the hotel business in the country.

ValYoU Hospitality manages its own brand of hotels and resorts by the name of VALUYOU HOTELS and VALUYOU RESORTS. This Brand is owned, operated and managed by ValYoU Hospitality.

ValYoU believes that the time has arrived for Quality, Deluxe 3 Star Hotels, made like and providing all facilities of 5 Star Hotels but at more convenient price points. The idea is to provide VALUE to the customers. Value For Money!

ValYoU Hospitality therefore endeavours to create Hotels in Cities, Resorts in locations where we are close to nature and probably the most fascinating and exciting part of the Hospitality Business - Highway Hotels.

We at ValYoU Hospitality are on the exciting road to develop Highway Hotels along the National Highways as they span India across the rivers, mountains, valleys and minds of people. We at ValYoU are challenging new frontiers, new concepts in hotel construction & development. ValYoU wants to create products along Highways, which will afford a family of four security, family environment, food & beverage, comforts of Indian Hospitality all at a price which is not available anywhere in the country today.

The city and resort hotels will also offer concepts and designs which would revolutionise the way the Indian Hotel Industry develops in the future. The rooms and design concepts of the hotels/resorts would be traveller friendly providing room and service beyond expectations.

ValYoU is actively working on bringing different restaurant concepts in the casual dining space, not fast food but restaurants with quick, relaxing environments where the well heeled not necessarily the rich only, can meet, discuss, over all kinds of food & beverages and yet walk out without feeling the pinch on their pockets.

Highway Restaurants is another area of development, which ValYoU is actively pursuing in its quest to “drive” the hospitality industry to future’s next great location - The Highways!
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