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ValYoU is into providing the following services:

  • Management of Hotels, Resorts and Highway Hotels.
  • Management of Restaurants and Pubs.
  • Management of Wellness Centres i.e. Spas, Health Clubs, Fitness Centres.
  • Management of Convention and Banqueting Services.
  • Providing Consulting Services to ‘Potential Investors’ with regard to investments in the hospitality industry.
  • Providing Consulting services to ‘Existing Owners’ of Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Restaurants etc. with regard to systems, procedures, internal audit, operational analysis, system audit, financial review, setting up of management information systems.
  • Providing Solutions to various problems related to management of operations.
  • Feasibility Studies of new projects.
  • Marketing Study and preparing a full Marketing Plan for existing and new projects.
  • Preparation of a full Business Plan of an existing or a new facility/project.
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